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Pirate Parties from around the world, including the Pirate Party UK, today reaffirmed their commitment to whistleblowing worldwide.Concerned about freedom of information, opinion and press, the Pirate Parties have decided in a joint resolution to make Wiki Leaks available on a worldwide mirroring infrastructure, the UK Pirate Party told Torrent Freak ( PB-Pirate After Every DNS, the nameserver provider for Wiki Leaks, cut ties with the organization last week, the Swiss Pirate Party stepped up ( and allowed them to move onto one of their registered domains.This action prompted additional Pirate Parties from the Czech Republic, Austria, Australia, Germany, Luxembourg, Romania, Russia, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom to band together and support the efforts to keep Wiki Leaks online.

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As of Monday evening, the Post Finance website ( was unavailable. hp#operation-payback-plans-attacks-on-paypal) a hack attack on Pay Pal, the online payment service that last week cut off Wiki Leaks ( .php), denying the group a major tool for collecting donations from supporters.

financial support to Wiki Leaks." Australian national Assange, 39, was arrested in London on Tuesday.

He is wanted in Sweden for questioning on suspicion of crimes including rape.

Supporters of the secret-spilling organization argue that the controversies surrounding Wiki Leaks -- from the unusual criminal probe against Assange, to banks freezing their funds -- are part of a global campaign to shut down a website that has embarrassed world leaders on numerous occasions. Webster The following video was posted to You Tube by Operation Payback.

Wiki Leaks sponsor in trouble with the taxman Published: 7 Dec 10 CET Online: Tweet ( A major Wiki Leaks donor is in trouble in Germany for not filing its accounts on time, but tax authorities insisted Tuesday this was unrelated to its ties to the controversial web organisation.

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